Wooden Garden Sheds, Anyone?

It is important not to choose a wooden shed just for the heck of it but something that will be an advantage to your backyard both in looks and purpose. A shed that is made of high-quality wood is always one that is worth your time and money any day and while you can browse through a thousand different designs online, eventually your choice will boil down to personal preference and need.

Garden sheds were at one time, simply used to store lawn mowers, leaf blowers, shovels and other gardening tools and equipment. When the concept of maximizing space became popular, sheds were suddenly thrust into the spotlight as one place where you can store anything and everything, or turn into a secondary dwelling on your property for unexpected guests and elderly relatives who would prefer not to live in nursing homes.

First of all, you need to understand that the price of the sheds you buy will depend on the size, style and material you choose. A shed will only be worth your time and money if you are able to use it for a long, long time, if it blends in perfectly with your home theme or décor and if you are able to maximize the use of it.

Wooden sheds for one, come in a variety of construction styles, each depending on how strong you want them to be and how well they will hold against inclement weather conditions, with secondary factors including the look and design. A major aspect that homeowners base their decisions on when purchasing sheds is on the cladding options available.

Cladding in construction-speak, is the application of one material over the other, to provide a protective skin or layer to control the penetration of weather elements. It doesn’t have to be a waterproof option but should be a control element. It basically keeps your wooden sheds from being getting wet inside and being damaged from moisture. With that in mind, here are the types of cladding you can choose from:

1. Overlap cladding

thod of cladding, this involves horizontal panels that overlap each other and are nailed to vertical bearers. Not only does it make for a very stable and secure structure, it is also a cost-effective option. This is best if you want to build small to moderately-sized sheds.

2. Tongue and groove cladding

A little bit costlier than overlap cladding, this type of cladding provides the most professional finish and is usually reserved for larger and more complicated structures. The panels interlock in much the same way as laminate floorboards, which is why this structure is stronger and offers better protection from the elements.

3. Shiplap cladding

This method is quite similar to tongue and groove cladding except for the fact that there is a small, additional lip located between each panel that acts as an additional barrier against rainwater. This, therefore, offers the best protection among the three cladding types and is naturally the most expensive but if you want your money’s worth, this is the type of cladding you should get.

Never make price a consideration for buying wooden garden sheds. As long as you like what you buy and feel that it is the best for your home (assuming you’ve done your research of course), then go ahead with your purchase. It doesn’t matter what type of cladding you get as long as you are sure that it is the one that offers the best benefits and advantages for you home and addresses your needs perfectly.

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