The Dangers of Hoarding Fires

Fire dangers are ever prevalent in a highly cluttered and potentially hoarded home. It can be a danger for both the individual whose residing there and the emergency personnel who are required to rescue them. However, because of the clutter in the home there are potential dangers these rescue service workers may encounter that are normally prevalent in other homes. Also, the causing of the fire may have been proliferated by the items that were hoarded. The first thing that needs to be looked into is the items that were gathered as potential fuel for the fire.

Hoarders gather items that they may not realize the dangers that they are putting themselves in. Look at the items that hoarders might clutter their home with and the potential fire accelerators could be. One of the main items that hoarders gather are paper products, which being wood based can be a significant hazard. Also, hoarders gather old electrical items, which might have flammable chemicals inside. This represents a potential problem though to because the hoarder might be so fixated on the items that may have left their homes neglected.

Home maintenance is critical in order to prevent a fire from occurring. However, hoarders fixate so much on their collections that they do not maintain their home to a normal level, whereby the safety slides. Some hoarders might have left their home neglected for an extended period of time which represents potential electrical hazards which can result in a fire. Also, if the gas lines in their home were not well maintained or the hoarder forgets about turning off any of those appliances, then it can result in a fire danger. Then if the fire does occur, the emergency crews need to go and deal with the hoarding hazards.

Hoarding hazards can result in a problem for emergency personnel. One the piles of items that hoarder has gathered represent potential hazards because it creates narrow pathways that they possibly cannot get an unconscious individual out of the home. The other factor is that a hoarder can pile up items that block alternate escape routes, such as doorways and windows. This limits their ability to save the individual from their home of hoarded items. What are remedies to prevent such a tragic event?

One is to keep your clutter under the control, by regularly going through it and cleaning up the mess. The other important factor is to keep up your regular home maintenance in order to prevent possible electrical or gas fire from occurring. This will result in the prevention of fires occurring which can catch the clutter on fire. Also, one needs to understand that clutter can put not just the hoarder at risk but the potential rescuers as well.

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