Storing Books In A Self Storage

Are you a student away from your home? Do you have lot of collections filling your book racks at home? Are you moving to a smaller home and do you wish to save your collection at cheaper rates? Here comes the solution for you. Yes, the self storage will be a perfect, cost effective and convenient solution for your need.

It may give the impression of a very easy job to just dump all your collections into a box and place it in your storage. But it is not such a simple task. You need to be aware that paper is susceptible to mildew and corrosion. You need to take certain precautions before you move your collections to the storage unit. Below are some points which you may need to concentrate.

1. Choose a perfect storage: If your need is only to store books, prefer a small storage with good maintenance. Never place them in a humid spot, since humidity allows growing mold which in turn may damage your collection. Choose a place where it is less attacked with mice or insects.

2. Before you pack: Check the condition of your books before you pack. If they are dusty try cleaning or else it can transfer the grime to other volumes. If the book is about to tear, stitch it or paste it properly using glue and make it dry before you store. Prefer smaller boxes to pack your books. Larger ones will be difficult to carry and place. Never pack your books with fragile items such as glass. Use a good quality cardboard for packing. Place a label on each of your book before you place them and prepare a check list. This helps you to pick your book easily.

3. Pack them properly: Organize your volume before you pack them. Never use plastic bags, plastic wraps or foils to wrap your books, which may encourage mold growth. Use wrap cover jackets to wrap hard cover books. Prefer packing similar size books with a box. Use packing material to fill the spaces. Use tapes and plasters to close all the ends of the box properly. Stick each checklist on the box and save a copy with you as well.

4. In the storage: Climate is the biggest challenge when you plan for storing books. Use wooden pallets on the floor to absorb the moisture. Place the heavier ones first and then the lighter boxes. Place your boxes such that the checklist is visible on each one. Prevent the boxes from getting exposed to direct sunlight.

5. Protect from insects and mice: Place rat killers on the floor to protect your collection from mice and rats. Never place your books in used boxes, especially those used for food. Also, do not keep your books along with food items. Make sure to check if your storage unit is providing climate controlling facilities like HVAC systems for book storage. These systems help to reduce the mold growth and keep the atmosphere dry.

Insure your storage. Do not forget to save the copy of book check list with you. This helps you to provide it to the insurance company in case of any natural mishap or theft.

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