What Is Media Safe?

Media Safe is considered the best solution to protect your CDs, DVDs, Hard Drives, Photos, Pen Drives and any form of data. It is specifically designed with the intention to resist to fire, water and burglary. To have a safety locker at the bank to store your valuable data or having a remote backup could be effective, but not always easily accessible compared to a good safe at your reach, whenever it is required.


Internal Temperature:

They are designed to withstand a temperature range not more than 131°F. CDs and DVDs or any form of data tends to be easily destroyed by temperatures greater than this range. So, it is important to choose a safe that has a heat resistant capacity that falls within this range.

Moisture resistance:

Humidity is another factor that spoils all forms of data inside, when water seeps in. All forms of media can be protected only when the moisture content is kept well below 85% and a typical media safe comes with this feature.

Interior Volume:

The Internal volume of these cabinets ranges from as small as 1.0 Cu Ft and as huge as 66.7 Cu Ft with ample media storage capacity.

Mounting type:

Both Wall and Floor mounting safes are available. Safes that are fastened to the floor provide more protection than wall mounted safes, especially during a burglary attempt.

Time Duration:

They are constructed to provide resistance from fire, water and burglary from a minimum of 1 hour to a maximum of 4hours. A rated media safe provides at least 3 hours protection under all conditions.

Material Composition:

Heat absorbing materials such as Composite fire cladding, Concrete Amalgamate fire cladding are the best options. Thick seamless steel walls and door provide maximum protection. Other materials like Asbestos are also used. Sheet Rock fireproof lining, Ceramic Wool fireproof lining offer insulation. Fire proof insulating foam like mineral wool and tough steel casing are also incorporated. Fire cabinets are also made to be water resistant by using high quality DB Seals and gaskets. This stops water from finding its way into the safe.

Lock System:

Locking and re-locking systems are important in securing the contents. UL approved Group-2 locker system, three way lock systems, electronic locking systems, 2 to 10 re-lockers are used which are capable to secure the contents even during earthquakes and burglary attempts. With these locks, it becomes hard to break open the safe even with the use of sharp hand tools.


UL (Underwriters Laboratories Rating) and UL Residential Security Rating for fire, water and lock combinations are considered the most respected rating systems in the world that technically qualify fireproof safes for their material composition, strength and long time stability. Each cabinet is tested under various critical conditions like subjecting it to extremely high temperatures, dropping it down from a particular height, which will perfect its performance for a long term.

It is mandatory for an ideal Media Safe to satisfy all the above requirements to provide long term protection, at least for a period of 10 years.

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