Personal Alarms – Why You Should Always Have a Personal Alarm With You to Keep You Safe

A Personal Alarm is something that you should always keep with you. Before I explain why, let’s talk about some advantages of these amazing devices.

These products are inexpensive and small and can be carried anywhere: pockets, purse, hands and for children, attached to their clothing. When activated by pulling out a pin or pressing a button, this amazing device emits a very loud when set off – as loud as 130 db in some cases.

If some bad guy tries attacking you, he will get an unexpected shrill noise. Even though he is startled please don’t stand just there and admire what you did – run away as fast as you can and call 911. With luck the alarm attracted other adult attention who will video the whole event so that the creep will get what he deserves in jail.

Now that you know what a Personal Alarm can do, why should you always carry one with you?

Here are some reasons:

1. These alarms will help keep your children safe from anyone who wants to do bodily harm or abduct them. Make sure to instruct your children how to use the alarm and what to do if threatened. They can carry the item in their pocket or even have it attached to their clothing so it won’t get lost. Just make sure it is readily available for use if needed!

2. Personal Alarms can be used for the security of older people who need help caring for themselves. If you have an aged mother or father who lives alone – well, we’ve all seen the TV commercial “Help, I’m falling and I can’t get up”. If they had a Personal Alarm it would give an alarm loud enough to alert a neighbor or someone in the house.

3. College students – a Personal Alarm is an indispensable tool to carry, especially at night walking to or from the dormitory. All kids of college age think they know it all and think they are invincible and nothing can happen to them. Think back when you were their age – does that sound familiar?

I’m sure that you can think of many other uses for this product to keep you and your family safe at all times.

Personal Alarms are like insurance – you don’t want it but when you need it. Let’s hope that you will never need one!

Don’t be the next victim of a crime! Be sure that you and your family each carry one of these devices with them at all times.

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