Have You Fireproofed Your Asset Documents? Seek The Experts

Hunting for the right security solutions that could secure your much valued possessions is indeed tiresome. Your venture becomes complete once you get to decide and choose the apt solution for you. But, the point is, how do you know if something can win your trust? Before answering this query, it is important to understand your needs firsthand. You will be lost if you don’t know what you actually need. Improper selection could only disappoint you, lest you lose your money on something unworthy. So, tally your needs and then choose a security plan based on your needs.

You can trust your bank to provide ultimate security for all your asset documents. Bank safes are best at offering suitable security. But, you cannot run errands to the bank every now and then to get your documents. So, what could be the best choice other than a good quality fireproof safe? You can store all your important, irreplaceable paper documents like your Insurance papers, passport, business deals and bank papers in a fireproof safe. But, if you consider storing your jewelry or money in such safes, it would be a bad idea. You can better approach your bank to secure your jewelry and huge amounts of money. You must always understand a fireproof safe is not always burglar safe. Fireproof safes could protect your paper documents but not anything like jewelry or money as the walls of the safe are thin and could be easily broken. To keep your jewelry and other precious possessions, you can consider a floor mounted fire safe that could offer security when there is a burglary. There are several fireproof safes serving for various purposes.

Gun Safes

A good gun safe must have its body built up with 10 – 12 gauge steel and the door with ½” thick steel for maximum protection from burglary and from fire as well. While purchasing make sure the specification includes a maximum of 1 hour protection from fire.

Burglar Fire Safes

These safes are a combination of features that protects the valuables stored from both fire and burglary. They are fire resistant up to 1 hour. They can be floor mounted or wall mounted provided they are anchored to the concrete. This is very important to protect from burglary. Burglars cannot move such safes and can have a hard time trying to transport.

Data/Media Safes

Paper can withstand an internal temperature less than 350 degrees inside a fireproof safe. But, other items such as hard drives, CDs, pen drives and photos cannot withstand anything above 135 degrees. So, you cannot use an ordinary fire safe for this purpose. The best choice is to buy a data/media safe that comes with this specification to protect such sensitive items.

Whenever you buy a fireproof safe, it is mandatory to buy a safe that comes with the Underwriters Laboratory Rating. It is also important to calculate the value of the contents and plan to purchase a safe that could protect your valuables for the next several years to come. Buy a safe that comes with a corresponding UL rating suitable to protect the items of a particular value. Don’t hurry yourself, but always check out for the best companies that offer a service that suits for you and seek to discuss all these points with them to buy the right safe.

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