Fake Security Cameras: Your 3 Minute Guide

For both the home and business there are many security tools to choose from. However, when it comes to value for money, one option stands out about of the rest. Fake security cameras, are not only a highly useful and effective deterrent but also incredibly inexpensive.

Prevention Is The Goal

Being caught on camera is one of the biggest fears of all criminals. It means undeniable proof that they committed the crime and therefore often leads to hard time in jail. This fear of can easily be used as leverage. By adding multiple fake security cameras that can be clearly seen by anyone walking by, you can greatly decrease your chances of being targeted for theft or worse. Visible cameras instantly show everyone your property is being monitored, which the vast majority of wrong doers will interpret as a sign to look elsewhere for opportunities. Even a single unit can often times do the job. And if it works even once helping to prevent a crime or problem from taking place, it’s more than worth it.

Inexpensive Without Sacrificing Looks

To ensure that no one can pick them out as being phony, the best fake security cameras will often use real camera parts. On the outside they may have the exact same parts and case as the genuine models they are mimicking. Even security professionals are consistently fooled by such tactics, and can’t tell the difference. However, on the inside there are none of the expensive working components. And while they may not record, it makes them very affordable for the consumer. In fact, they are normally a downright bargain, only costing a few dollars each.

Integration For Maximum Success

Even though they do a fantastic job by themselves, for maximum success you might want to consider using a combination of both real and dummy units. This is the cheapest way for those who already have an existing surveillance system in place to really add to its effectiveness. The appearance of more cameras makes your property very unappealing to the types of people you want to keep out. And, since you already have real cameras functioning you will always be able to catch everything on video should a problem arise.

With a wide range of choices including wireless, bullet style and even fake dome security cameras, it’s not difficult to find one or more that meet your needs. As an inexpensive deterrent these phonies work wonders. And don’t forget you can use them with the real thing for an even more dramatic effect!

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