Three Reasons to Get Your Commercial Roof Inspected

An inspection of your roof may not seem like much at first. A representative from your trusted commercial roofing company will inspect your roof and take pictures. The inspection report is invaluable and you will see the value of it immediately after your trusted roofer has delivered it. An inspection can reveal costly problems that you didn’t know about. These are three reasons you should have your commercial roof checked before the hurricane season.


Your business is protected by a solid roof. Your roof covers everything in your business:

  • Inventory
  • Machinery
  • Stock
  • Employers
  • Customers

Your business will feel more competitive, more secure, and more confident knowing that your roof is sound.

Roof inspections can uncover minor problems before they turn into costly, major disasters. A single inspection can save many roof repairs, delay costly roof replacements, and prevent interior damage.

All aspects of your commercial roof are examined during the roofing inspection. This includes the inside of the roof deck and the flashing. The inspection reveals small flaws that can easily be repaired quickly. Spending a little now will save you money later.

Florida businesses are faced with unique challenges by both rain and sun. You have to worry about hurricane winds. Storm management is an everyday task for commercial building owners and facilities managers, even when it is shining.

Roof inspections can help to prevent major damage to your building during hurricane season. You can also be alerted to damage by ultraviolet rays, high temperature, or scouring by prevailing winds.

You can rest assured with a commercial roof inspection. It is proactive storm management to prepare for hurricane season. It can be viewed as a sleep aid that prevents you from worrying about the next roof leak.

You can also give your employees peace of mind knowing that their inventory, equipment, and supplies are protected under a solid, waterproof roof.

Customers will feel more at home and comfortable when their business is clean, dry, and free from the damp, sour smell of a leaky roof.

HD Roofing is the preferred partner for roof inspections of commercial buildings in Florida. Our team has years of experience and is equipped with the right tools to solve any low-slope roofing problem. Call us today for more information about how we can assist you with storm management, semi-annual inspections, minor repairs, and proactive storm management.

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