Five Things To Do To Avoid A Clogged Toilet

There are not very many things as frighteningly inconveniencing as a clogged toilet. The loo is the one thing you want to make sure is absolutely working to avoid costlier repairs and gross messy clean ups. Many think that clogs just randomly happen from time to time. While this is sometimes true, there are many preventative measures that can be used to ensure you keep your throne in perfect working order.

1. Inspect it from time to time.

Don’t neglect your porcelain throne, make sure you keep up on its maintenance. Inspect the inner components of the tank to make sure it drains and fills correctly and that there are no parts about to fail. Check for corrosion or rust as well as a bent floating bar. Look at the connection to the water source and make sure the handle is set to open and can be set to close in case of a water overflow.

2. Fix those that keep running or leaking

If you hear the water running, fix the problem immediately. Failure to fix minor leaks could make it so a minor clog turns into a much wetter and expensive ordeal than otherwise necessary. Ensure the tank is filling and draining properly and again, check the water connections. Make sure there is no rust around the shut off switch and that there is no leakage from that point as well.

3. Do not flush objects down the toilet.

Many people realize that toilet paper and some flushable wipes are OK to flush. However, some are unsure about what other objects are able to be flushed and will assume q-tips can be flushed, paper towels, or feminine products. All these items must be discarded into the trash and can easily lead to severe drainage blocks that require snaking or intense plunging to remove. Even items that seem flushable, such as thick paper towels or regular moist wipes may not always be septic system compatible. Make sure you read the labels on the items to ensure their flushability.

4. Do not use chemical drain cleaners.

Chemical drain cleaners will not solve the most common clogs that could result from flushing down any of the aforementioned items. In fact, caustic chemicals can melt items into a worse clog than they were before while damaging the inside of the plumbing.

5. Use plungers with a flange.

Gone are the days of using a simple Hershey kiss shaped plunger. The bulb shaped plungers that come with a flange on the outside, are much more effective in unclogging your loo than the others. The flange helps create a firm seal so the suction power is dramatically increased. Do not use anything other than these types or you may be in for a messy surprise.

Follow these steps to avoid any problems you don’t want to have in your bathroom.

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