Your Options For Controlling Pests

We see a variety of vermin throughout the year, from mice and squirrels to bed bugs and carpenter ants. Naturally, each pest presents unique challenges for keeping under control. Even so, a number of options exist for controlling and eliminating such problems. Whether you wish to take on the situation yourself or feel it’s time to bring in a removal professional, continue reading to learn more about the various solutions.

Traps and deterrence products

If you are experiencing only minimal activity, setting traps may solve the problem. The occasional mouse, for example, can be trapped using a standard mouse trap, a glue board, or a bait station. For flying insects, illuminated traps attract them where they are then snared to the sticky track.

Traps also offer a humane solution for removing them. In the case of squirrels, live traps can be set with the critter later released in a natural habitat. Products also exist to deter vermin from your property. For avian problems, spikes or rotating rods can be installed to discourage pigeons and other birds from resting on your property.

Sprays and pesticides

When trapping alone will not suffice, and especially when an infestation is evident, allowing a professional removal company to handle the situation may be required. This involves a trained professional applying the interior and/or exterior of the house with a spray that is safe to use around your family and pets. In some cases, such as with cockroaches, a follow-up baiting process may be necessary to completely eliminate the problem. While it is best to let professional technicians apply pesticides, they may also be able to recommend a safe-to-use spray for occasional use around your home.

Targeted treatments

Not all situations call for treatment of the entire property. When vermin are detected in particular areas, a more specific treatment can be applied. This is often a quicker and more affordable option, and one which keeps you away from the premises for a shorter time-or in some cases not at all. Heat treatment for bed bugs can be applied to individual suitcases or pieces of furniture, while foam can be sprayed into walls and drains to eliminate insects. For bees and wasps, an insecticide dust is sprayed into the nest as a targeted treatment.

Preventative measures

Prevention in the first place is, of course, the best strategy, and sealing entry points to your home is a good place to begin. Many control companies also offer monitoring services to keep mice, pigeons and other vermin under control.Detection products also exist, such as insect monitor traps and bed bug interceptors. Some natural solutions may also work as a deterrent, such as using garlic to repel mosquitoes.

Each problem is unique, and so the best solution varies from case to case. If you are unsure which step to take, contact a professional removal company to determine which level of action is necessary to eliminate your pests.

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