How To Detect And Prevent Bed Bugs?

As with any pest, preventive measures are the best defense forwarding off an infestation. But despite our best efforts, accidents can happen and no practice is 100% effective. The risk of bed bugs in apartments, in particular, is often a concern for residents and property managers alike & there is always a need to get bed bug removed from among the variety of pest control products available.

This article explains what actions you can take, and which products are available, to eliminate pests when you discover them unexpectedly in your home, at the workplace, or in your belongings.

Adhesive products

These sticky pest catchers are useful tools for both monitoring activity and eliminating a small number. If you suspect a problem, purchase an adhesive insect trap and place it in the area of concern, checking back after 24 hours.

Bed bug interceptors are also available and can be placed at the base of table and chair legs to catch them as they crawl up and down furniture. Once a presence of pests is confirmed, you can move forward in eliminating them.

Insecticide spray

For the occasional bug or when minimal activity is confirmed, insecticide can be sprayed to kill the critters and prevent a full infestation. For your safety, use caution when purchasing insecticides and buy only those which comply with Canadian pesticide regulations.

A good spray will contain sufficient chemicals to kill the pests while remaining safe for your family and pets. Be sure to find a spray that will not harm your furniture and belongings in the process.

K9 inspection

If you suspect advanced bug activity, contact a pest control company that offers canine detection services. The highly trained team of dog and handler will inspect the property, with the canine using its sense of smell to detect live bugs behind walls, beneath carpeting, inside furniture-anywhere the eye cannot see.

Heat chamber treatment

Should the canine detect pests inside luggage, mattresses, or other individual belongings, the technician may recommend the heat chamber method of treatment.

For this, the items are placed inside a large receptacle for several hours at 45 degrees Celsius, killing pests without damaging the item. The process is safe for high-quality material and even electronics like televisions and stereos.

Targeted elimination

Should a more widespread pest problem exist, a thorough-yet-targeted approach to elimination may be required. Once the canine inspection team determine the extent of bug activity, a qualified technician will destroy the pests using a combination of steam, vacuum, and insecticide spray.

Be sure to work with a pest removal company that guarantees its success and provides a follow-up service.

There is no guaranteed way to prevent bugs from entering your home or work space, but you can rest assured knowing a variety of pest elimination services are available should the situation arise.

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