The Different Types of Home Inspections

One of the many things you need to do when buying a Paradise Valley real estate is to get a professional home inspection to check the property you are about to purchase. Normally, a general home inspector looks for any faults and defects. In the event that they detect something that cannot be handled by their expertise, they will recommend that you get a specialized inspection to know more about the problem.

Some of these specialized home inspections include, but are not limited to, the following:

1. Electrical Inspection – During a general home inspection, the electrical box may be detected as faulty and does not comply with the city code anymore and must be replaced. However, an electrician knows what brands are best as a replacement and its price.

2. Lead-Based Paint Inspection – The use of lead-based paint has been banned by the federal government in 1978, but there are still some homes that were built after 1978 that have lead-based paint. It’s crucial to have the property checked if it contains such dangerous chemicals and have it removed by a professional lead abatement contractor.

3. Pest Inspection – Wood destroying pests can be found almost anywhere in the country, especially in places where the climate is warm. It’s advisable to get a professional pest inspection to see if there are any termites, powder post beetles, or dry-rots in the house.

4. Chimney Inspection – Have the chimney checked to see if it has flue liners or if the bricks inside are still okay. A certified inspector can make sure that the smoke is properly discharged.

5. Air Conditioning and Heating Inspection – Most furnaces must be inspected by an HVAC specialist as it has to be taken apart to know if there are any defects. Such specialists know what the problem is and what to do to fix it.

6. Square Footage Inspection – It’s advisable to verify the property’s square footage as there is some possibility that public records contain errors. You may calculate it by yourself or you may hire the services of an appraiser.

7. Foundation Inspection – A general home inspector can check the foundation of the home and see if it was built on a raised foundation or slab. To know if the foundation is faulty, it is best to hire a professional foundation engineer to check if it has defects and if the house is sliding.

8. Inspection of Boundaries and Lot Size – You can see the size of the lot and the boundaries in a plat map. You can have this information verified by hiring a skilled surveyor.

It is necessary to get these specialized inspections before purchasing available Paradise Valley homes for sale. Ask the assistance of your real estate agent to help you with this matter.

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