Do Not Give Up on Your Home Inspection Goals

We all experience difficult times and face challenges. The biggest difference between very successful people and most others is the ability/decision to get back up and try again. Rare is the person who is a huge success with the very first business that they start. The experience that comes with attempts and failures is very valuable.

The world is filled with stories of famous people who before they became famous were in terrible condition financially and career wise. Often these people were on the verge of quitting when all of a sudden they make it big and everything seems to go fantastically for them. What often is not seen is all the hard work and dedication that occurred before these people because well known. Because they were not well known all the hard work, failure and dedication to try again went unnoticed by nearly everyone.

For example the book, Chicken Soup for the Soul written by Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen was turned down thirty three times by publishing houses in the first month. If they gave up after thirty two rejections we would probably never heard of them and known of this effort.

The above quick story can be used as an analogy when it comes to life as a business owner, sales person, or when going through any difficult time. The people who settle for average or below average results often do not put in the extra efforts that are needed to attain above average results. Often the difference between good athletes and those who are world class can only be measured in fractions of a second.

Extra efforts will often mean that extra time will often be needed. It can also be accomplished by working smarter instead of working harder. One difficulty when marketing yourself and your business is the time limits. It is not possible nor practical to drive around visiting the real estate offices trying to talk to every real estate agent so they will hopefully think of you when the time comes to refer a home inspector.

Being effective and time efficient with your home inspection marketing game plan takes time to learn. You should consider asking others in your field what they find effective. This may be hard to get fellow home inspectors that work in your area to be completely open and honest so consider taking extra effort and finding an inspector outside of your area or a marketing coach. You need to learn how to market and to do so effectively. By knowing how how to market you can be a success. It takes time and extra effort to establish yourself and to locate a mentor who can help you achieve success faster. Even then it takes effort to achieve your goals.

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