4 Essential Landscaping Tips for Raising Your Home’s Worth

When people searching for new homes or property examine potential ones, one of the first things they consider is the exterior. Curb appeal, essentially the outward aesthetic appeal of the structure as seen from the sidewalk, majorly influences sell ability. Landscaping is included in this. Even if you don’t have current plans to put your home on the market, it is still a good move to think about renovations that may raise its value. Such changes benefit you personally and serve as an investment that can pay off in the future.

1. Plant Trees

According to HGTV, national surveys show that the presence of mature trees amidst a well-maintained lawn has the potential to raise a house’s value by anywhere from 7% to 19%. Trees are relatively inexpensive and attractive additions. They offer advantages such as shade and oxygen production. If placed strategically, they may even lower energy costs. There is a wide assortment of species to pick from, depending on your location, including fruit trees. They are especially popular in today’s more environmentally conscious society. All of these and more combine to make them a worthwhile expenditure.

2. Invest in Natural Privacy Measures

Privacy is important to most individuals. While components of the home itself may provide it, things like wide windows that let in sunshine may be sacrificed to do so. A well-landscaped lawn is capable of preserving it without giving up desired aspects of the home’s design. Shrubs, hedges and fences are examples of landscaping elements that help block the interior of a building from passerby’s intrusive views.

3. Add a Clear Path With Lighting

The pathway leading to the front door is one of the first things a visitor notices. A clear, maintained pathway helps imprint an appealing first image on prospective buyers’ minds as well as highlighting other features. Working, bright lights along it contribute to security and safety and can enhance the overall look of the lawn depending on the style of the fixtures installed.

4. Choose Water-smart Features

Water is a scarce resource, closely regulated in many areas. Texas, for example, is one state where this necessity is pricier and carefully doled out by residents. Drought-tolerant plants that require less watering are good features for places like this. Even in states where rain is more frequent, the lower maintenance level and water savings that result from choosing water-smart features remain tantalizing.

Landscaping improvements often pay for themselves in the long run. There are more possibilities than mentioned here. Feel free to visit Landscaping Georgetown TX Website for more information,

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