Stamped Concrete uses and Benefits

Stamped Concrete is made using a stamp tool which punches out individual bubbles of concrete. This stamp tool leaves a fine imprint of the design on the concrete by using compressed air or a hand sprayer. A roller is then used to compress the stamped concrete and the bubbles are left to dry.

Stamped Concrete has many uses and benefits including:

  • Stamped Concrete Midland Texas is used on floors, patios, driveways, walkways, pool decks and more. It is also used as an overlay or foundation for wall or patio applications.
  • The stamped concrete becomes seamless in its application because it has no joints or corners cut into the natural stone or brick pattern.
  • The stamped concrete can be placed over existing surfaces with no damage to the underlying surfaces.
  • Stamped Concrete is an economical, time-saving, and attractive alternative to natural stone patios and driveways.
  • Stamped Concrete Midland makes the best choice for driveways and patios because it offers the same appearance but at a much lower cost.
  • Stamped Concrete can be applied to most surfaces including wood, asphalt, cement, granite, marble, limestone, slate, brick, concrete, and concrete overlay.

Because Stamped Concrete has no joints or corners cut into the surface, there is no need for joints or corners on the edge of the driveway, patio, or walkway edges. For added protection and durability, an edge cap may be added. Typically there are mildew and odor released from stamped concrete when it is applied over a fresh surface; this is eliminated with stamped concrete overlay application.

Installing Stamped Concrete overlays is a time-consuming project. A professional Concrete Folding Services company should be hired to perform the installation of the stamped concrete, and this service should be performed in a professional manner.

Depending on the depth of the area to be stamped and the type of materials being used, the completion time may vary. The use of an epoxy adhesive, as recommended by the manufacturer, should be used to help the process move smoothly and evenly.

Stamped Concrete Midland has many options to choose from, including: an epoxy spray, which provides excellent adhesion, water based inks, polyols, texturing mats, fiberglass, aluminum oxide, high tensile fibers, epoxy glue, a combination of these chemicals, a cold dip coating and heat-fusion, or a powder coating.

Some of these materials are combined to provide a more complete Stamped Concrete pattern. The application of Stamped Concrete Midlans begins with the perimeter of the stamped concrete pattern.

This area is then textured with a texturizing mat, which will create a smooth surface for the stamped concrete to adhere to. The Stamped Concrete Midland Company will then apply a high tensile fiber or aluminum oxide coating to help further secure the concrete and also to prevent moisture from penetrating.

After the coating is applied, the next step in the Stamped Concrete Midland process is to imprint the pattern on the outside of the stamped concrete with either a rotary tool or a rotary brush.

After the stamped concrete has dried and set, the Stamped Concrete Midland Company will then install the texturizing mat, which will help maintain the pattern as well as prevent any moisture from entering the cement. Finally, the concrete will need to be covered with an epoxy coating, which will help maintain its cleanliness and prevent it from staining.

Stamped Concrete Midland Tx has a variety of options for both the DIY homeowner and the professional contracting party, and this company is able to quickly and efficiently complete this process, while keeping both projects at a premium.

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