5 Ways to Use Colours Smartly for Your Room

When it comes to interior design, the colour theory you follow plays one of the biggest roles in how your project turns out. Whether you are looking for something vintage, pop or just classic modernist interiors, getting the colours right will bring it all together beautifully. However, colour theory for interior design often works differently than regular colour combinations one would put together. The colours of your home will impact how welcoming, balanced, and proportioned your room looks. 

You can get this right by using expert tips from any interior designer in Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi and more. Listed below are 5 popular tips you cannot go wrong with:

  1. Use the Colour Wheel: The first thing you need to do is pick a colour and start! If you are working with a blank canvas, this is an easy way to work up to the complete picture. You can do this by using the colour wheel and choosing colours that complement the base colour. On the other hand, if you have already picked out your furniture or patterns for the room, work your colour scheme off of them.
  2. Dark to Light: An important rule any interior designer in Mumbai always keeps in mind is the dark-to-light scheme when it comes to picking a colour palette. Choose your colour scheme and paint the shades dark to light in the vertical direction, meaning the darkest shade will go on the floors, medium tones on the walls and the light ones on the ceiling. This gives your room an enlarged illusion.
  3. Don’t Shy Away from Certain Colours: Based on personal preferences with colours, many people often tend to leave out neutrals like grey in fear of seeming too dull or vibrant shades like yellows and reds to avoid looking too bold. However, with interior design, no colour should be shunned. Greys actually work great with just about any colour, so incorporating them in your room will balance the look, while bright shades add a lively touch that you should absolutely not miss out on.
  4. 60-30-10: Balancing is one of the most important things with colours, and the 60-30-10 rule will ensure you get it right. This means your primary colour should occupy 60% of the space while your secondary one takes up 30% of your space. The remaining 10% should be allotted to accent colours that you can incorporate with furniture, accessories and more to provide a balanced ambience.
  5. Remember to Make it Personal: While trying to get your colours just right based on interior design rules, make sure you remember to incorporate personal elements in the room. Add your favourite colours for a personal touch, or place your belongings around the room to finish it off with an intimate yet unique look.

With these simple rules by an interior designer in Mumbai, the colours of your decor are bound to be perfect! So book free consultations with an interior designer in Mumbai on Livspace and get started!

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