Bamboo Flooring – Is It For You?

Why has bamboo flooring become so popular and should you consider installing it?

Some of the reasons put forward for it’s popularity include the fact it’s environmentally friendly and a great alternative to traditional wood products.

It’s also considered harder than wood but this begs the question – what wood? If comparing it to wood products such as red oak and maple then it must be remembered that even they are low on the hardness scale compared to other types of wood used

in hardwood flooring today.

Bamboo flooring has rapidly grown in popularity since the mid nineties. What was once a niche product has now blossomed into a thriving business. It has become trendy. It provides a beautiful surface and is very durable. But is it indestructible? No.

You would only be fooling yourself if you thought it was. Such is the power of sales and marketing that you could be forgiven for thinking it was the be all and end all of hardwood flooring. But don’t get me wrong. I am a huge fan of bamboo flooring. As far as appearance is concerned, it’s the “ants pants.” All I’m saying is, just use commonsense when shopping for bamboo flooring. There are differences when comparing brand to brand and you need to be aware of them.

Bamboo flooring has become so trendy today among the design community that it’s feared in some circles that consumers are opting for cheaper, lower quality products, which don’t hold up as well. Again, due diligence is required when shopping for, and selecting the most suitable bamboo surface for your dwelling.

From an environmental aspect, bamboo has been a revelation. When a consumer opts for a bamboo floor ahead of a traditional wood floor, he or she has done their bit to save a tree. With bamboo’s ability to reach maturity in as little as five years

it’s use over traditional wood products is just what the “environmental doctor” ordered. Of course, our Asian neighbors have been using bamboo for all manner of

things for centuries.

The rapid rise in bamboo flooring’s popularity has been a bonus for it’s affordability. Certainly prices have been driven down because of consumer demand and it competes most favorably with wood products such as red oak. But again, get the best advice; don’t take shortcuts because it’s the cheaper option.

There are definitely a multitude of advantages in using bamboo for your hardwood flooring – strength, beauty and versatility – but shop around. It’s your “hard-earned” you’re spending so invest it wisely.

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