Installing an Outdoor Ceiling Fan is Not Complicated

After purchasing an outdoor ceiling fan, you are worried about the installation. The cost of hiring a professional to do the work is beyond your means. Installing an outdoor ceiling fan is not complicated at all and can be done by many with just a few tools.

The first step is probably the most complicated of the whole process. Those who are not familiar with working with wiring may want to call a friend who has more experience in this area. That way you will avoid mishandling any electrical wiring.

Assuming that there is someone who can help with the electrical side of the installation, you can move on. First, turn of the breaker where you will be feeding electricity from. You will be utilizing electricity to run the fan so the wires cannot have any heat going into them. Serious injury can occur if this step is not followed.

There are two ways to get electricity to the point where the outdoor ceiling fan is going to be installed. There will either be existing wires or wire will need to be installed there. After this is completed, installing the housing will be the next step.

Before moving on, attach the blades onto the housing unit. There are two ways that the blade can face. Make sure you have the blades on properly or you will suck up air instead of sending down air.

Place the motor into the housing and attach that to the bracket. Do not connect the wires if the electricity is turned on under any circumstances. Do not cross the wires or you will create a short in the system.

These few instructions are a brief explanation of how easy it is installing a ceiling fan. The other alternative is getting a professional to do the installation instead and pay for something that you can very well do yourself. We are all looking to save a few bucks these days and this installation is an easy way to get a quick introduction to DIY projects.

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