Curb Appeal and Other Tips to Selling Your Home

Whether you use a Realtor or decide to sell your own home, there are a lot of steps involved in preparing it for the market. Many buyers are looking at the entire package, and then breaking down the individual wants and needs in a different home. Presentation is critical when selling your home, so here are some tips to be aware of.

Remember that less is more. Especially if you’re downsizing, consider having a yard sale, or moving sale, to make a little cash on the furniture you won’t be needing. When buyers come into your home, they want to see less of you and your personal touches, and more of themselves. Remove most of your family photos, trophies, personal collections, and over-sized beds, couches, and reclining chairs. Leave behind appropriately sized furniture, and consider using slip-covers if the furniture looks dated.

Believe in the power of curb appeal. You’ll hear the term curb appeal everywhere because it is so important. With real estate apps, and brochures, that first picture may be the only chance you get to grab your buyer’s attention. Think of the first thing buyers will notice when driving by: doors, mailboxes, driveways, the yard, or clutter. Try trimming back bushes and trees, planting colorful flowers, removing clutter or unnecessary lawn ornaments, and giving the front door and trim a fresh coat of neutral paint.

Adding a new garage door is an easy way of giving a complete transformation to the curb appeal of your home since it’s a large item that draws attention up the driveway.

Remodel an outdated kitchen before putting it on the market. Kitchen and bathroom renovations will give sellers the highest return on investment. Simple DIY projects that can take your house from out-dated to up-dated in a jiffy will give you the best bang for your buck. Consider repainting or re-facing your cabinets. Hardware stores sell products like cabinet transformations kits that will come with instruction videos, materials, and a list of supplies needed to do this project yourself.

You can update your bathroom cabinets at the same time. Wait for big sales to buy and replace old appliances with stainless steel models. Remove dated wallpaper, replace broken fixtures, and give walls a fresh coat of neutral paint. Employees at a paint store can help you figure out what the most popular neutral paint colors are.

Don’t assume you need to add value. Swimming pools and expensive renovations will add to the value of your home, but spending a lot on an item doesn’t mean a buyer will see the extra value. When priced competitively with other comparable properties, a swimming pool will often be that addition that pushes the buyer over the edge. However, pricing the home above market value because of a swimming pool could cause a delay in selling your house.

Don’t rush the process. Taking your time will ease some of the stress many people experience when buying and selling a home. Having your home updated before the realtor needs to show it, pairing down on furniture slowly, and taking time to know the market will help you get your house sold at the price you want, and buy your new home at a price you can afford. Take advantage of online tools to assist with home selling. Free real estate apps will give you estimates, mortgage calculations, and give you an idea of comparable prices.

So, if you’re getting ready to sell your home, figure out what will give it the best curb appeal and buyer attraction so you have a successful sale and get the price you want.

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