Spring Cleaning – Three Things to Do Every Year

This is also the time of year when people plant flowers and gardens. The yard gets cleaned up, and the cars get cleaned on a weekly basis again because it is not cold anymore. With all the things a person is supposed to do during this time of year, it can be hard to remember every little thing. These things are usually forgotten, but they’re essential to having a clean home.


Carpet cleaning should be done at least twice a year. Hire a professional carpet cleaning service to get things done quickly and efficiently (and to avoid adding another thing to the to-do list.)

Homeowners that are being cost-effective may want to do this themselves. Most carpet cleaning companies sell the chemicals that they use, including green chemicals, and will let homeowners rent equipment.

After carpet cleaning is done, the floor should look brand new again. There should not be any stains, and it should smell wonderful.

Ceiling fans

Ever look up at a ceiling fan and notice the dust hanging over the edge of the blades on the fan? That’s because they hardly ever, if ever, get dusted. This can cause allergies in both children and adults as the dust particles circulate throughout the room. It can also make a home look dirty or unkempt.

Instead of putting this one off, pick up a duster with an extended handle. These usually bend at the edge so that a person can easily, and quickly, dust off the ceiling fan blades. Make sure to put a towel down so that the dust doesn’t get on the bed or other furniture when it falls down.

Clean the air conditioner filter

By the time summer hits and people begin to use their air conditioners, spring is usually over with. This means that most people don’t think to clean those air conditioner filters. This can drastically shorten the life span of the air conditioner, and it can cause allergies in people that are allergic to dust. When the system is turned on, the filter will be full so it will not work properly, resulting in all of that dust being put into the air.

Most air conditioner systems have a filter that can be removed. This can usually be cleaned by running it under the faucet in the bathtub. After that, let it air dry, and wipe it clean. Then, put it back on the air conditioner and rinse out the bath tub.

The air will be colder and have less dust than ever before. This is also a great way to save money because homeowners will not have to buy a new air conditioner every couple of years.

With the massive to-do list that every homeowner has to do at this time of the year, it’s no wonder why so many people forget so many things. Those little forgotten things can quickly add up though. In the long run, these three things will cost a homeowner more money, and they can make the family unhealthy.

Save money on air conditioners, and on carpet cleaning by developing a yearly routine. Then, take the dust out of the air by taking a couple minutes to remember the ceiling fans. In just a few minutes, a home can be cleaner and healthier.

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