Professional Carpet Cleaning Experts Advise on Carpet Care With Pets in the Home

When you own a pet, be it a cat or a dog, it is likely that you will experience some trouble with keeping your carpet clean and sanitised. Pet stains, hair, chewing and much, much more risks are present. You will often need professional carpet cleaning service to deal with the issue, or at least some guidelines by the experts.

You may think that it is quite difficult to keep the carpet clean, but that difficulty mainly comes from the fact that you do not know the best practices to ensure good sanitation. Know that you surely do not have to give up your pet in order to enjoy a clean carpet. All you have to do is follow these tips:

Grooming – in this case, prevention is the best defense against pet messes on the carpet. Among the most persistent and annoying problems is pet hair. And the best way to tackle this issue is to groom your pet on a regular basis, especially when their hair is about to grow for the new season. Develop a playful routine and brush them with an appropriate tool. Do it right and your pet will love it. You will get less pet hair on the carpets and pretty much everywhere else.

Keep their paws clean – this tip is mostly valid for your pet dog, which you need to take out on walks outside. When it is raining and their paws get muddy, all of that dirt and spoils will end up on the carpet and other flooring of your home, unless you clean them by the door. Keep an old rag or a towel by your front door and gently wipe the paws of your dog before it enters other rooms.

Be ready for accidents – it is bound to happen sooner or later, so you better be prepared. Pet urine can cause some damage to your carpet, which is why you have to act soon. Your best bet is an enzyme-based cleaning solution that is chosen with regards to the carpet fibres. Simply apply the solution, wait for it do its job and then rinse properly with water. Afterwards, sprinkle generous amount of baking soda, which should nicely take care of any lingering odours.

Place a sheet on furniture – pets usually have a favourite spot they like to lay on. In order to prevent it from getting messy, cover it with an old sheet. When you see it has accumulated a lot of pet hair, simply take it outside and shake it clean.

Place a mat in the feeding area – most pets do not have manners when it comes to eating. If you want to avoid headaches, do not place their food and water bowl on the carpet. Also, place it on an easy-to-clean mat, which you can wash whenever it gets dirty.

By following these simple tips, you can ensure that your carpets stay clean for longer. Bear in mind that you can still call on professional carpet cleaning experts, should you find yourself overwhelmed by cleaning chores.

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